State Directors

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Alice Butler-Short


Virginia Women For Trump

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Colarado - Tami Devine

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Tami is President of Crown City Network, West Covina, CA and is currently serving as VWT's California State Director.

DC -Marya Pickering

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Marya is an Entrepreneur/Defense Acquisition Consultant who has extensive experience in Government and industry. During the 2016 campaign, Mrs. Pickering was a candidate for Trump Delegate in Washington, D.C., and  is a volunteer with Moms4Trump, and Virginia Women for Trump. She holds a B.A. in History from Emmanuel College and an M.B.A. from Boston University. 

Delaware -  Valerie Green

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Valerie is on the National Patient Advisory Committee of the American Liver Foundation, a proud Conservative and VWT's Delaware State Director.

Maryland - Karen Keifer

Karen is an attorney and member of the PA, DC and MA Bar Associations.  She is active in GOP politics and is now 

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New Jersey - Tracey Lore

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Tracey is a passionate supporter of President Trump. She believes that his policies are in the best interest of our beautiful country. She is thrilled to be involved with Virginia Women For Trump. as VWT's New Jersey Women For Trump.

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OHIO - Eileen Watts

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Eileen was born & raised a Buckeye and lives  in Delaware County, Ohio.   She is a Delaware County Republican Central Committee Member and on its Executive Committee. Eileen also serves as President of the Delaware County Republican Women’s Club and is founder of Ohio United 4 America. She is a prior small business owner and educator.

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GEORGIA -Lisa Noel Babbage

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Lisa is an author and teacher who serves as a member of the state of Georgia Republican Party. She is the great (x4) granddaughter of Charles Babbage, inventor of the computer .  Lisa is dedicated to rebuilding communities through philanthropy and activism.  She also serves as VWT's Georgia State Director.

The Following States also have State Directors:

Alabama -   Andrea-Elle Craswford

California -  Joe Reitkop

Colorado  - Tami Devine

Connecticut - Elysia Bonnelli

Deleware - Valerie Sentinger Green

Florida - Caroline Weatherington

Indiana - Penny Anes-Toniolli

Iowa - Rachel Eugenia

Kansas - Becky Johnson

Long Island, NY - Carolyn Benson

Massachusetts -  Astrid Hajjar

Minnesota -  Chris Salmon

Nevada - Marleen Ahlqvist

North Carolina - Lori Foster

Ohio - Eileen Watts

Oregon - Carol Leek

Pennsylvania - Denise Reilly

South Carolina - Lynz Piper Loomis

South Dakota - Karon Grubber

Utah - Resa LaRu Kirkland

Wisconsin - Cynthia Werner