Alice-Butler Short
Founder & State Director
Virginia Women for Trump

In 2015, Alice Butler-Short held a meeting with 22 women friends in her living room.  Her goal was to create a “Movement” consisting of thousands of women from all across the Commonwealth of Virginia.  VWT has now grown to include 18 affiliated state chapters from all over the Unites States. 


It is the:

Mission" of Virginia Women for Trump to bring together women of all ethnic backgrounds in love and friendship for the purpose of working to keep our beloved country as we know it, ‘One Nation Under God’.  In doing so, we endeavor to preserve our Constitution and the principles of our Judeo-Christian foundation  to align our politics with our spiritual beliefs.


“The greatest exercise of the human heart

Is to reach down and lift another up”

"If you do not like Trump's Tweets', get over it!", Alice.
Hanover County, VA Republican Committee Speech

We reach our objectives through:

*educating our members on political issues through speakers at our events & meetings.

*registering voters across the Commonwealth of Virginia to promote grassroots participation in the electoral process supporting conservative candidates.

2016, DAR Distinquished Citizens Medal 

Alice with Donald J.Trump, Richmond, October, 2015: "I prayed for you and my heart said, he arose from the ashes of your despair."

*support our veterans and veteran charities.  

*actively support our President, Donald J. Trump, and participate in his 2020 re-election campaign.


​*pray for wisdom and the safety of President Donald J. Trump and his family.

*reach out to pray for and/or help struggling Christians in the US and across the world.