We Want To Reach Suburban Women For Trump 2020

Alice recently wrote on Facebook:

"For the past couple of months, I have been preaching to anyone who would listen that the way to reach suburban women was to make them aware of how they have lost their parental rights and The way their children were being indoctrinated instead of educated in our schools. Tonight Laura Ingrahm spoke about just that.

So I think we should all take this up and speak about it to everyone we can. This is a non-partisan issue and is very powerful. If you did not watch Laura tonight or, I think it was Wednesday night, check her website and listen to what she has to say.

I really think we are onto something. I had even told MANGA that she should become the education candidate. Women listen to other women. We can strike up conversations with any mother we meet and have a discussion that will blow their minds once we are fully educated ourselves on what is going on. I have been following this for sometime in Fairfax County because we lost our only Republican from the school board last November.

Her name is Elizabeth Schultz and she is an amazing advocate for parents and children. She worked so hard as the sole voice of sanity on out school board, But she was always outnumbered.

I do believe that going forward, people will pay more attention to school board elections And all local elections. Did anyone ever realize that a mayor, whose role I thought was mostly ceremonial, has so much power over our lives. It is wake up time for us all in many ways."

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